Flower options that work well with different venue styles and sizes.

The choice of flowers for your wedding can be influenced by the style and size of your wedding venue. Here are some flower options that work well with different venue styles and sizes:


1. Outdoor Garden Wedding:

  • Venue Style: If you're having a garden wedding, the surroundings often provide a beautiful backdrop. Complement the natural beauty with wildflowers, garden roses, and peonies.
  • Venue Size: Consider large floral installations like arches, floral aisle markers, and garlands on railings.

2. Ballroom or Grand Banquet Hall Wedding:

  • Venue Style: In a grand ballroom, consider classic and elegant flowers such as roses, orchids, and lilies. Tall centerpieces with cascading elements can make a statement.
  • Venue Size: Large, opulent arrangements can work well in a spacious ballroom. Consider grand entrance displays and multiple table centerpieces.

3. Rustic Barn or Farm Wedding:

  • Venue Style: For a rustic setting, wildflowers, sunflowers, and baby's breath create a relaxed and charming atmosphere.
  • Venue Size: Farm-style tables with low, simple arrangements, or even mason jar centerpieces, can enhance the rustic vibe.

4. Beach or Coastal Wedding:

  • Venue Style: In a coastal setting, consider blue hydrangeas, beach grasses, and seashell accents.
  • Venue Size: Beach weddings often have wide, open spaces, so consider using larger arrangements in coastal colors.

5. Intimate Restaurant or Bistro Wedding:

  • Venue Style: For an intimate restaurant setting, go for compact and simple floral arrangements. Consider small bouquets or bud vases.
  • Venue Size: Smaller arrangements are suitable for cozier spaces, and they can be used to create an intimate and personal atmosphere.                             

6. Modern or Art Gallery Wedding:

  • Venue Style: Modern venues call for sleek and minimalistic flower choices. Orchids, calla lilies, and monochromatic arrangements work well.
  • Venue Size: Think about using fewer, but more impactful arrangements that fit the contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

7. Vineyard or Winery Wedding:

  • Venue Style: In a vineyard setting, consider using grapes and wine barrels as accents. Flowers like roses, lavender, and hydrangeas can complement the romantic atmosphere.
  • Venue Size: Large wine cellars or outdoor spaces can accommodate lush and abundant floral arrangements.

8. Church or Place of Worship Wedding:

  • Venue Style: Churches often have a traditional and classic ambiance. Flowers like lilies, roses, and baby's breath can be appropriate choices.
  • Venue Size: Consider altar arrangements, pew markers, and a beautiful bouquet for the altar.

9. Destination Wedding:

  • Venue Style: For destination weddings, consider local and tropical flowers that reflect the destination's culture and surroundings.
  • Venue Size: The size of the venue may vary, but your flower choices should align with the destination's unique atmosphere.



It's essential to coordinate your flower choices with the venue's existing decor and the size of the space. Working with a professional florist who is familiar with the venue can help you select the most appropriate flowers and arrangements to enhance the style and size of your wedding venue.

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