Choosing the Perfect Wedding Florist in Vancouver



How can flowers play a significant role in creating a magic and memorable atmosphere on your wedding day?

When it's time to plan your dream wedding, consider the expert advice and guidance that a wedding florist can provide for your Metro Vancouver wedding.  Perhaps you want an extravagant floral design or maybe a minimalist approach is your thing. Either way the end result for your big day can be so much more by taking the early planning steps of pre-design and consultation with an experienced wedding florist. 

What can a local wedding florist in Vancouver help you with?

Consider the overwhelming aspects of planning your wedding and all the details to get it right. You want to be happy on your big day with the end result. Consulting with someone who has done hundreds of weddings in Vancouver and is familiar with the unique pacific northwest environment of greater Vancouver weddings can be so helpful. Someone who can consider the seasonal aspects of flower availability and the best individual choices that will work for your Vancouver wedding venue with the style you want. 

Comfort is an important factor when designing a wedding because it’s in the future. Does the wedding florist understand what you are going for?  Your look and vibe.  Do they offer ideas to capture the whole day?  Wedding ceremony and reception flowers. Finding the perfect wedding florist in Vancouver is crucial to bring your vision to life. Are you comfortable with the styles they present and does it match or exceed your dreams?  After all it’s your wedding. A once in a lifetime event. What does it look like to you?


Some areas a wedding florist can help with for your Vancouver wedding.

Helping you define your style and vision.

Before you speak to a wedding florist, it’s a good idea to take some time to define your style and envision how you want your wedding flowers to look and feel.  A little forethought is a good thing. It can make the consultation process so much better for you. It will allow your wedding florist to offer the best ideas to capture what you want and more.  

Questions to think about. 

Are you drawn to lush, romantic arrangements or do you prefer a modern and minimalistic aesthetic?  It’s good to browse through magazines, Pinterest boards and wedding blogs to gather inspiration.  Perhaps create a mood board that represents your vision.  Working with the perfect wedding florist in Vancouver can really help at any stage.  

If you are starting cold a wedding florist can help you define your style also.  We have a process at Burst Flowers to help brides narrow down things a bit. Then we expand on needs for the whole day that may work best.  We can take you through a journey of bouquet styles to consider. We offer you different wedding ceremony design options that will capture your big moment. We consider cohesive looks with unity of design factors that will lead to a day you will dream of. You want to look back at your pictures as something uniquely you.

Weddings are different than everyday flowers. 

As a florist we understand this. Many brides will not, at first, realize that wedding flowers themselves are special.  We approach things differently. The flowers are different. They are prepared and cared for to offer peak freshness and look for one day. It’s a design, selection and timing issue.  Wedding florists in Vancouver plan, select and order ahead of the wedding flower design stage very differently than other flowers.  The flowers are special in themselves and need to be sourced for your day.  When considering potential wedding florists look for specialization. 

A different approach a different result. The skills needed to put together ceremony floral designs are important.  Some designs require structure expertise to ensure things will go well on your wedding day. Safety factors may need to be considered. A floral arch for example. The real wedding flowers have weight due to the water needed to keep the flowers fresh.  An experienced wedding florist in Vancouver will consider the design specs for safety while maintaining quality for a full wedding day peak floral look. 

Once you have found a specialist who can meet your needs and you like their style it’s time to book a consultation. With a skilled wedding florist you can discuss your vision, ask questions and get a sense of what you really want. It’s about understanding your vision and offering ideas in a creative way that work for you. Knowledge and expertise really count here.  Wedding florists can provide guidance and offer innovative ideas that will work for your wedding.

Consider Your Budget:

Try to get a bit of an understanding in your early research stage of the various costs.  A florist working with your budget can provide the best options for your day.  These ideas will help you choose a wedding florist just right for you.  

A professional florist can help create designs that match your budget and achieve what you need for wedding ceremony and reception venues. Expert knowledge of flower designs for ceremony and reception spaces can offer so much for a bride to be.  Helping you make the right choices is what we do. Create a magical, fairytale dream wedding, whatever that may look like for you. 

 The perfect wedding florist in Vancouver will help you make your dream wedding a reality. 

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